Retekess HR11W Bluetooth AM FM Radio with NOAA


Support AM FM NOAA
HR11W NOAA alert weather radio supports AM FM NOAA.
NOAA weather channels:7 (preset).
Ideal for home, bedroom, car, truck, camping, hiking, patio, and garden.

It’s a comfortable size, has smooth edges, clear sound, and the crank is user-friendly. It gives me peace of mind to have access to news and weather updates in case of a power outage. Also, this radio allows me to recharge my cellphone and tablet for an indefinite period of time. A very versatile product for a reasonable cost.

The HR11W hand-crank radio with all charging options; The rechargeable 850mAh lithium battery; the built-in hand crank; top-mounted solar panel; or Micro-USB port; The solar panels charge automatically as long as the radio is in the path of sunlight

Protect your family
HR11W radio with DSP technology, which can help improve the reception ability, so you do not need to worry cant get the news in time.
Bright flashlight and SOS beacon are useful for camping.

MP3 player
HR11W am FM radio supports the USB drive and memory card, and you can store the music in the mp3 files. Then you can enjoy music freely.

The wireless function can connect your phone by wireless and answer phone calls directly using the microphone on the radio.

Easy to carry
HR11W portable weather radio, 4.9 x 2.4 x 1.7 inches, 9oz weight.Easy to carry for you to have a traveling, home.The perfect radio for a hurricane

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